About Us

ShadeSails® is an innovative New Zealand company that specialises in the design and manufacture of custom-designed ShadeSails® and shade structures. ShadeSails® was formed more than 30 years ago and is a division of Fyfe Sails, a world-renowned manufacturer of high-performance yachting sails, which has been in business for 40 years.

The parent company – Fyfe Gruop Ltd – is owned by husband and wife, Ken and Michele Fyfe and son Daniel. Our staff are skilled technicians with years of practical business experience.
Fyfe Sails and ShadeSails® is a closely knit business that operates from the company’s sail loft located in the Auckland suburb of Onehunga, supplying yacht sails and shading solutions both nationally and worldwide.
30 years ago, Fyfe Sails applied their extensive knowledge of sailmaking, fabrics, cutting technology, and stitching and tensioning techniques to pioneer the business of shade sails in New Zealand. ShadeSails® is today the recognized leader in this market in New Zealand. Other competitors try to copy ShadeSails®, but fall short because they don't have the years of accumulated knowledge or design experience.
With New Zealand experiencing some of the highest ultraviolet (UV) ratings and incidences of melanoma cancer in the world, the market for shade sails today has extended from traditional residential implementations to include shading and waterproof solutions for bars, restaurants, cafes, commercial buildings, swimming pools and sports facilities, as well as the ever-increasing opportunity for Government-mandated shading solutions at schools and kindergartens.
Today, ShadeSails® have been successfully installed at thousands of private and public facilities throughout New Zealand, as well as schools and resorts in the Pacific Islands, the United Kingdom and USA and parts of Europe
ShadeSails® are highly rated by our extensive list of customers, who regularly report 100% satisfaction with our products and recognise us for designing and manufacturing shading solutions of the highest quality. As a company, we aim to produce the best-quality product in the market to achieve customer satisfaction. We are proud of our work and the quality-based reputation we have achieved in the New Zealand market. At the end of the day, quality and customer satisfaction is what really counts.

Time and time again, we experience calls for remedial help from customers who have chosen to purchase a shade or waterproofing solution from one of our competitors....often based on a cheaper quote price.....but after 3-5 years, the installed solution has either significantly deteriorated or has completely failed.

We have learned a tremendous amount about shading fabrics, cutting and tensioning techniques in our 30 years of making ShadeSails and this knowledge and experience is reflected in the quality of our product

We do not take any shortcuts. We may cost a little more than some of our competitors but we are recognised for giving our customers the best quality shading product possible. And we stand by our product. We guarantee our work. And we have happy customers who willingly will attest to their level of satisfaction.
As a company, we prefer to offer our customers an end-to-end solution.....ie, we manage the project entirely ourselves starting from quote and measure to design and conception, through to production and installation. Where geographically possible, we use our own staff for the complete job, but in outlying regions and at international locations, we deploy proven contractors acting under the guidance of appointed agents to produce quality results for our customers.