How We Deliver

We have three approaches to deliver our custom-made ShadeSails®:

  1. Planning /Design – we visit your property to plan and custom design a ShadeSail that meets your exact specifications and requirements.
  2. Construction – once the support poles have been installed, we re-measure the area to be covered and then begin construction of your custom-designed ShadeSail®.
  3. Installation – our staff personally install your ShadeSail®, ensuring that it is correctly fit and tensioned to ensure maximum performance and life.

Whether you use our Full Design and Installation Service or Shade-U-Fit option, consider some of the items listed below when planning or designing a SHADE SAIL.

  1. Where do we need the shade?
  2. Where is the sun at midday?
  3. When am I going to use this area?

  • Please email us plans or photos of the area to be shaded, including a sketch with measurements.
  • We prepare an obligation-free quote which will include a concept sketch that is delivered for your consideration.
  • On acceptance of our quote and payment of a 50% deposit we then place an order to manufacture posts to specification (if required). When all the required components are assembled we then arrange a return to site to install the attachment points including the posts (if required). We recommend the use of galvanized steel posts, as these provide the strongest and most secure attachment points.
  • When the concrete used to set the posts has cured, we perform a final measure before any sail fabric is cut, this way ensuring that your custom-fit sail is exactly tailored to ensure proper fit and longest life. Our experienced sailmakers then custom cut and manufacture your sail to specification.
  • Once the manufacturing process has been completed we arrange to return to your site to install and tension the sail, after which we issue you with the final invoice.