Shade-U-Fit® sails are custom designed and easy to install.

All you need to supply are the measurements for the ShadeSail® and we'll manufacture it for you. Shade-U-Fit® is especially designed for the Do-It-Yourself market or for those who live outside service areas. It is also an ideal solution for community projects. We can provide brackets, fastenings, posts and advice to help you with your installation.

Step 1: Getting a price

In order for us to price the ShadeSails® we require you to send us a sketch of the area you want to shade.  The sketch will need the overall measurements, an arrow indicating north and anything else relevant, walls, decking, concrete, trees or other features.  Photos of the area are a helpful tool to explain the above.

You can send us the sketch and if relevant photos by mail, fax or email.  Remember to include your contact details.  If we need any further details we will contact you.  Once we have your sketch and any additional details, we will get back to you with a price.

Step 2: Accepting the quote

Once the design is finalized and you accept the offer, please acknowledge the quote by signing it.  Return the quote to us as in step one and forward the deposit to us by using one of following; Bank Deposit, Credit Card Payment, Post Cheque.

Step 3: Installing the posts and fittings

Once all is received from step two, we can assist you with the sourcing and installation of the posts and the fittings.  Often the cost of freight can be reduced if the posts are sourced locally.  We also send you all the details/specs required for your installation.

Step 4:  Final measurements for manufacturing

After step three is completed, take the measurements according to the instructions.  Forward the measurements to us as in step one and we will manufacture your custom designed ShadeSail®.

Step 5: Receiving and installing your ShadeSail®

Once your ShadeSail® is manufactured, we will arrange delivery with you.  Included with your sail will be instructions to show you how quick & easy it is to install, tension and remove.  This gives you the ability to take your Shade Sail® down at your own leisure or in adverse weather conditions.

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