Shade Solutions

Shade Sails? are stylish outdoor accessories for your home, and make an attractive addition to any deck or patio. They are individually custom?made to specific requirements. Not only do they keep the sunshine off those areas you want to enjoy, they also cut down the sun?s heat to provide privacy and protect family and friends from the sun?s harmful UV rays.

Because a shade sail is not a permanent structure, they can be easily removed when necessary. Our Shade Sails? are a proven, quality product, built to engineer?s specifications by a company with 32 years of sail making experience.

Our custom-made ShadeSails? add value to your property and provide significant protection from the sun?s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that cause skin cancers. ShadeSails? can also offer protection to your special plants and outdoor furniture that require protection from the sun.

ShadeSails? afford you privacy from neighbours and can also be used to provide shelter for furniture, artwork or plants from annoying winds.

They are attractive and come in a range of fabrics and striking designs that enhance your home, school, office, local park, swimming pool or sports facility. They are a perfect solution to protect children playing in sandpit areas and adventure playgrounds during the sun?s burning hours.

ShadeSails? provide cool comfort, with an added bonus being that they cool the interior of a nearby building, rooms and other outdoor areas.

Our custom designs are versatile that suit any architecture or landscape. ShadeSails? are practical because we can shade large or small areas with single or multiple shade sails.

ShadeSails are safe and engineered to high specifications to meet your individual requirements.

Ideally , you should plan to install your SHADE SAILS? before the  summer brings the usual problem with the sun and heat so that you are ready for those hot days of sunshine

All Shade Sails? are made from high quality marine-grade materials that have been pre-tensioned. Fabrics used include 'Coolaroo' shade mesh 90% and 95% block, Ferrari 'Soltis' 86% and 92%, and Ferrari PVC 100%, which is suitable for areas that also need to be waterproofed (note, waterproof-type Shade Sails? are subject to additional engineering specifications). A selection of swatches can be supplied, featuring the most up-to-date colours and materials.